Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've Got Spirit Yes I Do.....

At least I am trying anyway. The weather here is bad, therefore the light in the house is dark and gloomy, so you probably can't appreciate how cute my t-shirt is after I added some bling to the sleeves and neck. Tonight is "Meet the Eagles" night at the high school. Ethan is on the basketball team and we are excited to see him as they perform the drill they have been practicing. I don't know what position he will play but I am just very excited to see him out there finally. It has been a long couple of years and I feel like we are at last on the right track to getting him involved and successful in high school. So far he has done very well and we are sew proud! I will wait before I add his name and number to the back of my shirt, but I can't help wanting to show off just a bit. The gold sequins will be quite the understatement compared to how excited I am that he is out there on the court. Of course, this shirt will probably embarrass him but at least my kids can look back on their lives and know that I loved them and participated in their activities and showed some spunk and spirit while I did it! If you read my last post then you may have already figured out that I have still not started on the main "time sensitive" projects that I have committed to working on before I begin anything new. This shirt doesn't count does it?? Ok, I really am going to start working on the big stuff next! I sew promise!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fabric Fun

This, not so attractive:

Take some of this

And Get This!

Sew, today I decided to clean up in the sewing room just a bit. Which really just means, move stuff around and to another spot in the house which will have to be cleaned up as well! Anyway, I have a three projects that I need to finish this week and I get too distracted when things are messy. While I was putting away fabric that would distract me from my current projects, I came across this piece from Hobby Lobby that I just love. I don't have any plans for it just now, but I will, oh, I will. Anyway, I was afraid that if I put it away I would forget about it, so... I came up with a really quick project (less than 5 minutes) to make sure that fabric stays where I can see it so I will remember that I have it for inspiration. I took my old mouse pad that works great but looks bad, used the iron and some heat and bond stuff and ta-da: A newly covered mouse pad! Now, everyday when I get on the computer, I will see this fabric and dream about how I will use, someday, when current projects are finished. So see my dilemma, I wasn't suppose to do any other projects until these 3 are done and not only did I do another project, I had to stop and blog about it! I have all these great ideas, but I can't remember them. I even write them down sometimes, and usually I can't even understand what I meant when I go back to review my notes. I think I need a remedial craft class or something. Anyway, I must go now and finish cleaning off the dining table (where all the stuff from sewing room landed) and start one of the time sensitive projects that is waiting for me. I'll just run in here every now and then to gaze upon my new mouse pad with the cute fabric, and dream about what well.........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiration from the Flea Market

Thrift Store Jeans and Dirt Cheap Skirt

Recently I visited the bi-annual Antique's Market in Warrington and Round Top Texas. (Blogged about a few weeks ago). We found a cute booth I believe called Junky Chic or something like that and saw some really cool embellished jeans, so....... I copy catted their idea. Yes, this is not original to me, but I did end up with one of a kind jeans! I started with a $2.00 pair of jeans from the thrift shop, my favorite right now is Alley Cat in Lufkin, Tx. I then found a $3.00 skirt at a Dirt Cheap store in Mississippi. The zipper was broken and it was the wrong size, but it had the most beautiful embroidery work and the price was right. Right away, I knew what I could do with that skirt. So I did some cutting, some ironing and adhering and I ended up with a fabulous pair of jeans. I'm sure these sell for at least $alot somewhere! Maybe my Etsy store??! When I find some other good jeans at a great price I will make some and put in the store. I love thrift shopping and creating new looks so this project combined my two favorite activities. Plus, now I have some cool jeans to wear to our church's fall festival tomorrow. I am sure no one will believe that they only cost $5.00! I'm sew not telling.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Etsy Store Finally Open!

Whew, I finnaly did it and posted some items in my online store Now I just have to sit back and wait for the sales to start rolling in! Right? I have way more where this stuff came from so help me out and get over there and start filling up your cart and crossing off your Christmas list. Just think, you can give homemade items to everyone on your list, and they will be delivered right to your door. If all goes well, I might even offer some already gift wrapped! Now that is service with a smile. You'll just have to take my word for it that I will be smiling... all the way to the post office and bank! Plus, if you mention this blog when you make your purchase I might even include a free gift! How can you top that? Ok, get busy, I am sew looking forward to your orders!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just a Little Sewing Today

Wow, who'da thought that you can make an entire wardrobe in just one evening? Well, for an American Girl doll that is. These cute little outfits will be going out in the mail tomorrow to two of my girl friends for their dolls. I hope they like the styles that I picked. As you can see there is a dress, pants suit, complete with blouse and vest, 2 night gowns and one apron. What more does a girl need? I wish it was this easy to sew for myself. I did make one dress last week but I don't like the way it fits or looks! Why can't I make cute clothes for myself? Is it because I am not shaped like a doll? Could that possibly be the problem? Well, anyway, stay tuned in because soon I am going to be making a dress form of my own body, with all it's imperfections. I may still not like what I sew for myself, but I can make sure that it fits from now on. I will be sure to take pictures of the entire process. Should be good for a few laughs! :)

Green House Work

This is my mom's green house. My dad built it a long time ago and we decided that it was time for it to be cleaned out and remodeled. Mom emptied almost everything out and then I went in for the demolition. The tables were rotted and lopsided so I took them apart and Steve went over and rebuilt them. He has 2 of them ready to go and I think I will try my carpentry skills at one more. We plan to have it finished before it turns out cold around here. Mom has tons of plants that are going to need to be moved inside for the winter. She also has about a million of those black plastic planters you get when you buy plants from the nursery. I have banned her from buying any more plants until next spring. I don't even know if what she has will all fit in there. I do know that as soon as I left last week, she went out and planted about 25 peach tree seeds. "Now, where?", I ask you, "Are these going to go?" I might can build a small rustic table but I sure don't know how to build a green house addition! If they all sprout and start growing, she may have to move them inside the house.