Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alaska Cruise 2010

These are just a few of the shots we took. All of my inside shots turned out blurry, so I will post more from Steve's camera later. We really did have a great time. Steve and I traveled with both our mom's, Melissa and David, Melissa's parents and a few friends from our church in Houston. The weather was perfect and we all had a lot of fun. We did get to see all of the highlights in Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria, B.C.
We are happy to be back home and working hard in the yard and garden. This is the last week of school, so things will be changing up around here with a 17 year old around during the day. Of course, I could let him sleep most of the day but I think I had better help him stay on somewhat of a schedule. He can get up and do chores around here while I sleep all day though!
Steve has a church mission trip coming up, I have Vacation Bible School and Ethan has youth camp so we are sure to keep busy. Plus, I will be back traveling on the weekends with Spa Girls. Our next gig is in Maryland so I am hoping it is a little cooler there.
Check back in a few days. I have been getting some good things at the thrift shop and have already "fixed up" some stuff, so I will be posting about that soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

This Brings Back Memories....

Yesterday we picked berries! Dew berries that is, and we were able to find about 1/2 gallon. There are lots of red berries out there so in a few days I will be out there picking again. I remember growing up and having berries, sugar and milk with the just picked berries. So good, and no need to wait for a pie to be baked. Of course, I saved plenty for a pie as well. Actually, I was able to wash and freeze enough for two pies. My fingers are stained purple and I am still picking out thorns, but having fresh berries is so worth it! We also found tons of wild strawberries. I was so excited to find them until I tasted one. I don't think you are suppose to eat them. They taste awful! So disappointing, they are everywhere, and so pretty!

Also, I have been hard at work in my garden. The purple hull and cream peas are finally coming up. One of my tomato plants has about 6 tomatoes already so I am encouraged to keep hoeing and watering. I also have lots of okra plants coming up. Mom requested the okra. I am not a huge fan, but I like anything fresh out of garden, and I am thinking fresh okra and tomatoes with bacon will make a great meal this summer. Also, walking around outside is so pleasant. The honeysuckle is everywhere and the scent is very nice. Lots of bees around, making me want to go and get a bee box with one of those things in it that makes a honeycomb. I think I better ask some expert bee people about that before I try on my own.

Oh yea, C-Seale, our female cat, just had 6 kittens! They are so cute and she just brought them down so we can see them. She had them in the attic of the house about 3 weeks ago and we could not get up there to see them. I had no idea she would have so many. They are still very tiny, but fierce. They hiss and spit at us every time we try to pet them, but they are getting more friendly every day. They aren't even afraid of the big dogs, and they should be! See below for a picture of them at meal time.

Well, that's all for now. I am really going to try to post more often. I think about it all the time and take tons of pictures so that I can have new and interesting things to post. Sew, check back often and see what's happening!