Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Quick Update

Here we are, all back in Texas.  In May 2014, we found out that Steve's job position would require us to return to Texas.  We were expecting to spend another 18 months in Dubai, so this was a shock.  After only being there for 18 months, we were finally beginning to feel settled in.  Had several friends and lots of  things we still wanted to do while living in the Middle East. 

Anyway, fast forward... really fast, and we returned to Texas in July 2014.  By September we finally had a home in Kingwood, Texas, about 1.5 hours from our country home in Zavalla.  Now instead of living in two places, each a world apart, we are trying to adjust to living in two places just a short distance apart. 

We don't want to sell our country home because that is where we plan to retire.  Also, not ready to pack it up and lease  it out since we still go back there on the weekends.  Plus, that is where my daughter, mom and sister live.  So, for now, we do the weekend shuffle.  Living here with our son (he attends college in Kingwood) during the week and going "home" (Oak House) on the weekend.  I am currently trying out going to the Oak House every other weekend so that we can enjoy activities here in and around Kingwood. 

Hopefully this will be our last move before retirement but I am afraid we have caught the expat bug so we sort a hope we get to move out of country one more time before moving back home for good. 

I am busy organizing and decorating this house in the meantime, two of my favorite things to do, so I am keeping as busy as I want. All this has to eventually move back home so I have to be careful not to accumulate so much as just make a comfortable home for us.  My excuse is that I do a lot of thrift shopping, so I don't spend much but things still take up space so I'm keeping it simple. 

I will post a few of the projects I have going to get this house in shape, Sew, check back with me in a few days. I am actually headed back to the sewing room now!