Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boykin Springs

This is a shot of a place I used to go often when I was a kid. Natual springs coming out of rocks and flowing through the forest. A little way over is a lake where we spent many afternoons swimming and having picnics. It was interesting returning with my kid so many years later. The park has been redone and is very beautiful. The creek is clear again and if you are brave enough you can wade all the way through. We only saw one little snake and it didn't even try come near us, so we didn't get too spooked. This is a great place to visit. About 16 miles south of Zavalla towards Jasper and a whole carload of people can spend the day there for only $3.00. I'm not sure what expense that covers but in today's economy it is a great deal. Call me if you want to go down there, I am a great tour guide.

A Trip to The Big City

I sort of expect this where I come from , but not in the City!!!!!! I couldn't believe when I went to visit Mel that this was at her next door neighbor's. And she had just been kidding me about turning my old potty into a flower planter. This was too funny and I just had to get a pic for the blog.
We have been busy watching our garden grow and doing not a whole lot of anything. I have been suffering from tennis elbow (from painting!) so I had to stop with the home repairs for a few weeks. Looks like I am going to heal up nicely, so I will be back in the paint clothes with drop cloths everywhere soon. Oh yea, I am having company this week. A few of my girlfriends, and I just can't wait to see them. At least this time, I know for sure they are coming to see me and not my house!!!! Anyway, I rest easy knowing that they will not even be tempted to break a "ten commandment" after seeing my place. Just in case, I have a sign posted on the door: Thou Shalt Not Covet...... (don't worry you won't).

Sew long for now

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tractor Day Finally Arrived

This is the day for which he has been waiting for more than 12 years. The look on his face is him smiling with teeth! He knew this was going on the blog so it's his fault that he posed with such a silly expression. As a matter of fact, when I heard him pull up with the tractor and ran outside with the camera, I heard him tell Ethan that I was just getting new material for my blog! So, He Knows!! So of course, they cranked her up (she doesn't have a name yet) and drove around a bit. This morning he was up bright and early to get started. So over the sound of me typing, I can hear the tractor mowing outside and hitting lots of big stuff. Should look much better around here by tonight. I'll "sew" let you know how things are going!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is number one son's garden. He has tomatoes and peppers so far. I have asked for some space for my 2 tomato plants and a few cucumber plants, but alas his garden is full and I must look elsewhere. I started a new plot only to find out from hubby that the water line ran through there. What, he thinks I am going to dig down that far and hard. No way, I was planning to just did some little holes with a spoon and get it done! So, tomorrow I will search the place again for a good sunny spot and dig in the dirt a little. I wonder how long before I can go out and pick a warm, vine rippened, red, luscious tomato and bite down into it, squirting seeds and juice everywhere, right in my own back yard? Don't worry, I will of course take a picture of it first for you all to see.

I Finally Sewed Something

Finally, the bathroom curtains are finished. You can't see the long panel on the other side of the shower but it is there. It covers floor to ceiling shelves. I also hemmed the four long panels in the dining area and made a small valance for over the sink. I am so happy to be able to sew in my newly organized and somewhat cleaned out sewing room. On another subject, but same picture, notice the shower/tub arrangement on the right side of the picture. This was our first major purchase when we decided to move to the farm. Now, my husband, Mr. Contemplative, Compare, Shop Around, Think About, etc.. actually made a somewhat impulse buy for this kit. We walked into Home Depot on a Sunday afternoon for something (I have already forgotten) and noticed this very nice looking tub/shower kit on clearance for less than half the original price. Now, I am a great bargain shopper and was ready to snatch right up, but I was shocked that my husband was as excited as I was. He actually made me and our daughter stand there and keep our hands on it while he went after a large cart. We then had to wait with it in the front of the store while he went home to switch his car for our truck. Ok, now skip forward several weeks to when we finally got it installed and I got to settle in for my first bubble bath after working hard, hard, hard on the house. Let me illustrate the event: Imagine trying to bath your cabbage patch doll in your barbie bath tub! How had we miscalulated so badly? That tub is small and I am not, so I was totally shocked that I barely fit down into the tub. I would still be stuck there exept I let the soap float around some until I got slippery enough to crawl out. I couldn't even wash properly! Don't laugh, I love bubble baths. I need bubble baths, I must go on a diet so that I can fit into my bathtub, or it is just showers for me. I actually saw a kiddie pool at the Dollar General today and considered buying it for out behind the house. How sad is that?? It looks good though :(
Sew long for now

You Can Have A Coke!!

No Mena, that one is mine. You can have a coke!! Actually who told her I have given up diet Dr. Pepper at home, going on two weeks now. That's right, who does she think she is, the diet police?? Ok, so I cheated and got one at the store this morning. I was doing some work outside and just set it down for a minute. When I went back to get it, it was gone! I knew immediately what had happened. She had carried it across the yard and ran to move it when she saw me going after it. Don't worry, I did not drink it. I had to throw away. I am not that desperate!