Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garage Sale Fun

Melissa came up early for our Spa Girl presentation in Bossier City, LA and helped me with my first garage sale since I moved. It was held on Hwy 69 in Huntington, Tx. There were supposed to be a lot of other people selling stuff that day, but only 2 "vendors" showed up. Me and my mom's next door neighbor. We had lots of stuff to get rid of and we actually sold most of it. At the end of the day we were so hot and tired that we gave a lot of things away. We had so much fun giving stuff away that we might just have a "free" garage sale next time. I spend the entire day before cleaning out the barn (and taking Josie to the vet for injury incurred as I was cleaning barn) getting ready for the sale and then getting husband to haul everything to Huntington for us very early on Saturday morning. We stayed about 7 hours, got rid of almost everything and called the day a success. Here is the final tally of our days efforts:

Vet bill for pet injury 250.00

Booth rental 30.00

cold drinks 10.00

taking friend to eat

for helping 7.00

total cost 297.00

proceeds of sale 140.00

Cleaned out barn PRICELESS!!

Ok, I won't go into the garage sale business any time soon, but I did make some pocket money to support my garage sale vice. Sew long for now!

Drive Through Gardening?

I think I have solved the problem of gardening in this Texas heat. Drive by gardening, in the air conditioned comfort of your own car. I actully discovered this by accident. My mom brought me a topsy turvey planter earlier this summer and we were experimenting by planting one of our tomato plants in it. I hung from the old clothes line because it was the best sunny spot that I had. As I watched my other tomatoes wilt under the hot Texas sun, I continued to haul water over to the hanging plant to keep it from dying as well. Finally, we were rewarded with one bloom and one tomato. I left it on the vine until it was ruby red and then on my way over to mom's one afternoon, as I drove by to check it, I just reached out of the car window and picked it. I told mom that next year, we will get a bunch of those planters and fill the clothes line with them. We won't have to pull weeds, dig in the dirt or even bend over. And as an added treat, we can just drive by there every few days to water and pick as the vegetables get ready. We shouldn't even have to break a sweat next year! Drive through gardening in the comfort of your own airconditioned vehicle. Why didn't we think of that sooner??!!

That Dingo Ate My Baby!

Son and I were outside working in storage barn getting ready for garage sale when all of a sudden I heard my baby (Josie) yelp really loud and really long. I tore out of the barn to find her and she met me at the gate to the pasture. The other 4 outside dogs (only 1 of them is mine) were following along behind her acting very innocent... and that's when I saw it! I small slice out of her skin at the top of her right hip. I rushed her into the bathroom and started to try and render aid but every time I touched her she yelped really loud. I then did what all pet lovers do, I rushed her to the vet hospital 24 miles away. I called my mom from the car and she called around to find a place that was still open on Friday afternoon. I could tell my baby was in pain and I was in tears! When we arrived at the vet, they took her from me and went off to a back room leaving me standing there with her bed and blankie and in shock. They didn't even ask if I needed medical attention! So then, I found out she would have to stay a few hours until they could do surgery. Ok, now I am getting worried. Surgery? I thought we would probably just return home with a bandaid. "This is going to be very expensive, I began to think!" Later than evening Steve picked her up on his way home from work and found out that she was hurt way, way worse than I had originally thought. I laughed when I saw she had to wear the crown collar, but alas, the joke was on me. She had another wound that I had not even noticed on her tummy where one of the big dog teeth sunk unto her tender flesh. The Dr. had to mend her from the inside out and she actually came home with a drain sticking out of her stomach.

It has been 6 days now. The stitches are out, but she cannot take off the collar yet. Maybe tomorrow. Since her injury, she cannot go outside by herself anymore because we are afraid she will get bitten again. Soon we will visit the big dog's house and find out if we can work out a solution to our problem. The neighbor dogs all like to hang out here, but if they can't play nice, then.... well you know. They better not ever touch my baby again! You better believe I'm getting me a bee bee gun and learning how to use it. I might even join the NRA. Do they have a section for bee bee gun users?