Friday, August 27, 2010

Panda Cat

Well, I don't usually let her sit on the dining table, but at least she is taking a bath! Do you have one of these at your house? She used to be thin, affectionate, energetic... but now she is fat and just lies around doing nothing! She doesn't hunt, never comes when called, etc.. She does still have a healthy appetite so I guess that is a good thing. She also generally stays outside in the garage. This was a rare occassion when she was let in the house and I guess she decided to take advantage of the "facilities" to get her grooming in. But, the dining room table? Anyway, the camera was handy and I just couldn't resist getting her picture in this pose. As you can tell, she is very excited about her camera debut!

Girl Crazy

This is just about the sweetest picture I have ever taken. That is my tall, handsome, 17 yr old son walking across the parking lot with two of my great nieces! A few weeks ago they came to spend the week and we had such a good time. This is after our weekly Sunday lunch at Carlene's and the very beginning of our fun week together. We made play dough, played in the water, played dress-up, made paper dolls and had tons of other fun. We even had a short sewing lesson for the 2 and 3 yr old seamstresses. They are so much fun to be with and they are funny too. They just crack me up every time they visit. On the last night of their stay, I was letting them stay up a little later and we were just hanging out in the den eating cookies and playing. They were getting pretty rowdy, so I suggested they start settling down and start thinking about getting ready for bed. The 2 yr old jumped up off the couch and continued jumping up and down on the floor. I looked over at her and she said, "I'm sorry, I can't stop it!" How can you help but laugh at that? They so remind me of how fun it is to just play. I can't wait for their next visit!