Monday, February 22, 2010

For $3.00 and a Cup of Coffee....

Forget that, for the price of a cup of coffee here is what $3.25 got me at the Zavalla Assistance Ministries (ZAM) today. A brand new bathroom sink, in perfect condition, 2 kid cowboy hats, 2 books, 2 creamer/sugar dispensers, a necklace of wooden beads, button jewelry and a blue ceramic candle stand. If you are wondering if I actually needed all this today, I would tell you that that is not even the right question to ask. "What will I do with it?" is the question I can answer! OK, here goes, the sink is for the rent house or anyone else's house that needs a new sink, for $1.00 that will save somebody a ton of money! The cowboy hats will be for my kindergarten Vacation Bible School class this summer. Our theme is "ranch something" and these will be perfect for my line leaders. The books will provide priceless hours of reading and leisure for me. The blue ceramic candle holder will be painted and probably turned into a pedestal for a bowl or plate. WAIT, there's more, the wood beads will be for a future project to be painted or covered in fabric. The creamer and sugar holders for their intended purpose and the button jewelry for something?? All this stuff for just $3.25 and new material for the blog..... PRICELESS!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!!

We received the warning call last night that school would begin 2 hours later this morning, and then early this morning, we got the call that school was canceled due to ice and snow. I rolled over in bed, looked out the window, and yep, there as a little dusting of snow on the groud. Yelled at the kid that he could stay asleep, after his alarm went off 2 or 3 times, waking me!

Of course, by the time we got up, the snow was melted and everything was cold, wet and dripping. No ice, no snow, but one kid stuck inside with one mom and both of us bored!! On my way back to bed for a nap, I decided to check over my craft blog sites to see if I could get a little bit of inspiration, and it worked! I looked over at and saw how to crochet a heart coaster. So, I went and got out my thread and worked on one. Turned out just like the picture! I might make a few more, but I got distracted by something else on her blog so I went to my button stash and made a few of these button paperclips... so, two crafts in one day. I think I have fulfilled my quota, so now I will go back to bed to try and take a nap. I just wanted to post the projects while everything was still out and fresh on my mind. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's Ready for A Cruise?

If you look closely, you will be suprised to see that Melissa and I made the Girl's Get-Away Cruise flyer along with Karen Kingsbury and a few of our other friends. Do you see me there with the towel on my head?? See I circled it:) Yep, that's right, The Spa Girls will be sailing away on our 3rd Girls Getaway Cruise with Premier Christian Cruises this October. We are so excited to meet all the new ladies that will be joining us as well as seeing some of our old friends! If you are interested go to or you can call 1-800-889-5265. If you register by Feb 12, there is a $100 savings. $50 savings if you book by April 16th. For both of you that read this blog!!! lol that is a pretty good deal. Oh yea, be sure to mention that you are with "the Spa Girls" when you sign up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Made 10 Things Today..

And it is only 10:30 am....
1) a ham
2)my bed
3)a mess
4)my kid mad
5)a mistake
6)a right turn
7)a wrong turn
8)a phone call
9)a decision
10) a headache

See, you don't have to be "crafty" to make something. You try it...

Things I Would Like to Make Today

1)a friend
2)a difference
3)Jesus happy
4)Something good to eat

I'm sure it is all in the attitude. I am going to have a positive one today. A positively good one that is. I have much for which to be thankful. I choose to be thankful today!

p.s. (ok, ok, I didn't make my bed yet)

I Needed A New Purse!

A few weeks ago, I bought this beautiful fabric at JoAnn's with plans to make a small quilt.

I really like this fabric, but realizing I would not be making a quilt anytime soon, I decided to make myself a purse instead. I used Simplicity 2685 view A. And here it is.....!
It was a simple pattern and only took the afternoon to sew up. I'm not sure now how I will like it as a purse/bag, but I do like looking at it! I even used up some of the scraps to make myself a new key chain to match. Then, I had a few more scraps so I made a few more....

I realize that my picture taking ability, combined with poor lighting, and not knowing how to disable my flash, all combine to result in poor picture quality. I also know that other bloggers have pictures that are so much prettier in their posts. However, I am lucky to have even taken a picture, much less, managed to turn in around right, adjust the size, download to this blog and still live to write about it... so, I am thankful for these pictures, actually quite proud! So, if you can do better, please come for a visit and teach me how! Thanks sew much..


I've Been Making Stuff.....

Random pile of dominoes....

Pretty Necklace...

I just added some paint, scrapbook paper, charms and beads and now I have a pretty pendant made from a domino! It is like working with a very small canvas. I managed to get all the dominoes on the table, painted, but then I ran out of creativity and had to put them all away. The finished one is one that I actually made several months ago. In a few days, weeks, or months, I will get those painted ones out of their box and finish making them into beautiful necklaces. I have seen them for sale in stores and boutiques and sometimes they are quite expensive. Maybe, when I get some of the ones finished I will put in the lisassewfun.etsy store, so start saving your money now! One of a kind, customized, from an old domino, recycled jewelry, can be expensive!! sew kidding..... I will probably end of giving away for gifts, but don't worry Mom and Sis, I won't give you anymore, since you already have a couple! Sew long for now..