Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That Dirty Dog!!

Does this sand make me look long and skinny?

Ok, this post is old. I found it when reacquainting myself with my neglected blog.  I think it was 2011. Josie, has since passed away, so this post is in her sweet, dear, memory.

Fun walk on the beach!


Yes, you guessed it! Erin, mom and I went for a road trip to High Island a few weeks ago and decided to take our pets. We actually took a miniature dachshund each. Nanny took Rags, whom we were pet sitting for Carryl, Erin took her dog, Shotzie,and I took Josie. Of the three dogs, Josie had the most fun. Rags sat in mom's lap the entire time and Shotzie stayed with Erin. Josie's leash broke just as we got there so I spent most of my time yelling at her and chasing her down. She loves going after the seagulls. We did learn our lesson and there will be no more trips to the beach for the dogs anytime soon. I don't think they liked it much and it was a lot of work for us. Imagine us trying to get them cleaned up for the ride back home! Oh yea, we did get two horn blows while we were there. I think Erin got one when we were unloading and I got one when we were loading back up!! All good for fun and laughs. We stayed long enough to get some sun and eat our lunch and then packed back up for 2 hr trip home. It was a good day and beautiful on the beach. We hope to go back before the end of the summer!

Let's Catch Up!!!

Ok, A lot has happened since my last post almost 2 years ago.... So at a glance:
Ethan started senior year in high school.
Ethan ran cross country and did great!
Ethan played varsity basketball for Zavalla Eagles and dunked the ball in a district game!
Ethan went to senior prom
Ethan graduated High School
Ethan started first job
ERIN still in college in Galveston, working and doing great during all this time.
Ethan starts Jr. college
STEVE gets job transfer to Dubai
Ethan gets 2nd job and begins second semester at Jr college
Lisa moves to be with Steve in Dubai

And that pretty much brings us up to date. With the exception of a few details here and there. 
I flew to Dubai in December 2012 to 'check things out'.  Came home for Christmas and stayed until movers packed and shipped some of our stuff. In March I officially moved to Dubai to find a place to live and set up housekeeping.  I arrived in Dubai, spent one night, and then headed off with Steve on a business trip to Cairo, Egypt.  That is where we are in the picture above. 

Now I have been back in Dubai, living out of suitcases until our little townhouse is ready to be inhabited.  Paperwork takes a while over here and so we are hoping to move in within the next few days which will be really great since I am traveling back to Texas in 11 days!