Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

Aren't these just the cutest faces? They are so sweet and love everyone, even strangers! It is hard to train a dog to bark at strangers and not at everything else that moves in the night. Mena and Mac both just lay around all day, very relaxed and quiet and as soon as we go to bed at night they start barking. I have been out numerous occassions (whew big words..) with the flashlight to see what they are barking about. Don't worry, I'm in no danger, didn't you just read that they don't bark at people. I guess there could be a wild animal in our yard but hey, they would be hiding as well so I guess they just like to bark at the moon. Of course it could be a raccoon,oppossum or armidello (spelling makes me tired). Something has been digging deep small holes in the front yard. Anyway, I just wanted to put their pictures out there again. They are so loveable and very photogenic!

Look Who Came to Play and Stay?

Friday, as I stepped outside, these fellows/gals were all curled up by my kitchen door. The mom is close (she is laying on the orange box). These are our neighbor's kittens but for some reason they like it here. We have big dogs, one little dog and lots of other cats, so I am suprised they aren't afraid. I take that back, they are afraid of the humans here and we are the only ones that don't want to eat them!! Anyway, they have been here for several days now and we have been contacted by their rightful owner. He emailed and asked us if his momma cat and her kittens were here. We thought there were just 4 but he had already given away one of them. We sure don't need anymore cats around here, but we love watching them play and cuddle. No wonder you hear about lonely old people with a house full of cats. I can so be that person. Even Steve, our big bad daddy of the house here, hasn't tried to run them off. He was the first one to feed them! Boy is he slipping. I think once he found out that their owner did have formal plans for their future, he relaxed. I hope we get to keep them for several more days. They are just the sweetest little things and I have fallen in love with at least one of them. I am hoping that one gets to stay permanently.

One of them likes to drink coffee with me and one is really good with plants? Which to chose?? No doubt it will be sew hard to decide!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Suitcase Slipcovers

Do you have ugly, dirty suitcases? Well, when I first started traveling as a "Spa Girl"
we thought it would be fun to have lime green suitcases. They were so cute and very noticeable, until our first flight and then they were very dirty and embarrassing. Loving to sew like you know I do.., I decided to make a slipcover for our luggage. I have not ever seen any and I was sure if I came up with a good design, I could make them and become rich! The luggage was still in good shape and we hated to replace it just because of looks so I went into the sewing room and began my creative process. That didn't last long. I love to sew but I cannot make patterns or design anything, so I started trying to figure out how to do this. I had really cute pink and green polka-dot fabric but no real idea how to make it work. So, I spent the better part of the day measuring, thinking, drawing and finally cutting out and sewing the first prototype. I got it ready, placed it on the suitcase and proceeded to roll it out of the sewing room. It tore apart before I could get it out the door! I was devastated! The wheels were the problem. I had made these huge buttonholes for the wheels to fit through but as they starting to roll the fabric got caught up in them and tore. So, I sat there in the sewing room thinking that I needed something kind of stretchy for give, with a hole in the top for the handle and completely open at the bottom as not the get stuck in the wheels, but it had to fit down tight so it would stay covered. Now, as I was thinking about all this you might be interested to know that at that time all of the Spa Girl t-shirts were stored in the sewing room, so I was literally surrounded by stacks of shirts. Finally, I saw what I had been starting at all day. An big t-shirt fit all of my requirements. It is stretchy, has a neck hole perfect for the handle and is open at the bottom. Plus, as it is wheeled through airports, it is a perfect advertising billboard. I took one of the shirts off the shelf and it fit perfectly! I'm thinking that you could use your favorite sports team or your school shirt, anything you like and are proud to show. Now, no matter how ugly and torn your luggage is, it can have a brand new look and get some free publicity for your favorite cause. If you can't think of a favorite team or school to use then by all means, put a Spa Girl shirt on there. It is the "Practical" (P in Spa) thing to do. Don't you agree?

First Day of School

After I dropped Ethan off for first day at his new school, I came home and saw tons of pictures of my friend's kids on facebook. He would not let me take his picture this year, so at the end of the day when I picked him up I took some secretly. By the time he got to the car window he made me put the camera away, that is why I don't have a very clear picture of him. He was making a mean face and I didn't want to post that! Anyway, he had a good day and I am so excited that he is going to the high school where I attended and graduated in 198.....?? Actually, one of my teachers has returned to teach high school math so Ethan will get to have one of my same teachers as well. The school is very small compared to Langham Creek in Cy Fair School district, but that is what we like so well. The kids seem very friendly to Ethan and are making him feel welcome. We are currently in the second week of school and so far so good. I am excited to be where my family can participate in his education and activities. His grandmothers will actually be able to attend a lot of his school functions. I can't believe it has been twenty something years since I attended there. It seems like just yesterday..... until I look in the mirror that is! Several of my fellow classmates still live in the area and it has been fun getting reacquainted and meeting their kids. We have prayed for this for a long time and as I know, God still answers prayers! And I am sew thankful!

Just Hanging Out

I am so excited that my new hammock is ready for hanging out. Erin brought this one back from Brazil this summer. She was there on a mission trip with Copperfield Baptist Church and before she came home she had about 2 hours to shop. I am proud to say that a "hammock for mom" was on the top of her list. I have had for about 4 weeks and she and her dad just got it hung this weekend when she came home to visit. Josie and I have been enjoying it ever since. Especially since the weather has started cooling off, it is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. So, if you try to call me and I have forgotten to take the phone out there, don't worry, leave a message and I will get back to you later, or much later....

Good Clean Fun

Start with these:

Do This

Mix it Up

You Get This!

Right up front let me state that this is not my original idea. I got the recipe for making homemade laundry detergent from www.littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com. Their recipe is slightly different than mine so go there if you want to do this yourself. I spent a total of $8.17 to make five gallons of laundry detergent. Mine did not want to dissolve and mix up well, so I have to shake it or stir it a lot before I use it. I have done one load of laundry and it seems to work very well so far. I added about 1/3 bottle of Calgon water softener to my mix. The original recipe does not call for that. I also used the big box of baking soda and their recipe calls for washing soda. Apparently there is a difference although I could not find the washing soda. The box shows that the one I bought can be used for laundry, and I found it on the laundry isle so I am giving it a shot. It might still need some tweeking, but it this should last me for several months and at 1.63 per gallon it is a great bargain. I also had lots of fun making it and my kitchen was very clean after I got done cleaning up my mess. If I ever run out of this I am going to try my friend, Wendy's recipe for dry detergent. She uses Zote laundry soap bar, ivory soap, washing soda and I think borax, I will double check. Anyway, she loves it and it only takes one tablespoon per wash. I will be sure to let you know when I try that recipe and how I think they compare. Now, off to do more laundry!