Monday, April 27, 2009

Back at the Farm

This room is the first to be finished and I love the way it turned out. When I returned from Alabama and walked into the house my son was mopping the floors. That was a wonderful sight to see. They know I like a clean house and so they were trying to hurry up and get things back in order since I had been gone. Well done guys, the house looks great. Steve got the sink installed in the bathroom so I can brush my teeth in there now instead of the kitchen! I will post new pic of that room soon. I have to finish painting the bathroom and kitchen this week so I will be adding those pictures to the blog. But first, a quick trip to "town" to get new phones, more milk and bread and maybe a new microwave..... Sew much still to do!!

Love ya

SPF 30 - and a Good Hat

She did look kind of funny for a few hours, but a lot of extra makeup blended everything quite well and she looked good for the show. She looks like she doesn't feel well, but don't worry, she was fine. I think she was "put out" because I kept looking at her and laughing. Maybe because I called her batman the rest of the trip. Actually though, this in our last night on the beach and we were both a little sad to be leaving. We were hoping to stay in the sand long enough to get tired of it, but it didn't work. That sand feels like baby powder. It was so white and soft. We have lots of good memories of our trip and even more good pics!

This is Me, Working......

This view will inspire even the most burned out of workers, me included. So, I stayed here a lot over the last few days. The weather was perfect, cool in the shade and warm in the sun. We actually had one small rain shower the very first day when we arrived, but we think it was just so that God could say hello to us. When we stepped out on the beach there was a rainbow. That was our promise that God was giving us a special blessing and we had worship right there on the beach. We are so blessed with all of our Spa Girl friends and the great things they do for us.

We spent 3 days sitting on the beach, lots of long walks and reading. I think if the whole world could do this every few months, we would have much more peace. I used spf 50 sunscreen so you can't even tell I was there, but Melissa used spf 30 and you really could see a big difference. But hey, I'll let you decide.

Working Vacation?

Don't you wish your office looked like this? I just need a bigger desk is all. As you can see, we had a great time (The Spa Girls) on our little side trip before heading up to Birmingham to speak at the Lifeline Children's Services fundraiser banquet. Dee Dee invited us to use her condo at Gulfshores, AL and we had a great time! We actually did some business, I mean really, you can be more creative when you are relaxed, at least Mel and I can! However, we didn't have WiFi so that is why I have been away for a few days. I will be adding more pics of the trip and the happenings over the next few days so keep in touch. Until then, remember, you are sewed loved!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Update for My Dedicated Followers

Hello out there. My computer at home has been very sick this week and there are no computer geeks in my neighborhood. Steve has been giving treatment and it should be well very soon. Until then, I am borrowing my friend's computer but it does not have any of my pictures on it yet, so.. I promise to try to download some of my newest pictures and add to the blog by tomorrow!

Until then, I had a great time visiting with my friends L.S. and E.S. last week. I also went fishing with Ethan and caught a fish!! It was so big it bent my rod but Ethan showed me how to reel it in properly so it would not break the line. Next week we are going to learn how to clean the fish so we can take them home and eat them!!

I am heading off for the beach in Gulf Shores, AL so I will be sure to add some picures of that too.

Love you Sew much
Lisa :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lisa's Sew Fun - NOT!

Does it look like anyone can have fun in this room? We are headed off to Home Depot to buy yet another metal shelf. This will make five so far. 2 in kitchen, 2 in laundry/study and then one for the sewing room. Who am I kidding, I don't even think one will be enough, but will have to do for now. I have been to total frustration, camped out there, out on holiday and back again, sometimes all within the same hour. Yesterday, I was informed by someone (will not name names, but his initials are SS) that I was having a bad attitude. I totoally agreed with him, which did nothing to help the current situation.
He has been great at hauling and moving stuff as I sort through, throw around and repack the things that just don't fit. He has convinced me to have a garage sale. Can you believe it? Actually, I come off looking pretty smart leaving him thinking it is his idea, which translated means, he will help. Since I did not want to have one, I get extra credit for agreeing to it. So that means we have to box everything up into yet another catagory; garage sale. Currently we were working with three catagories, thrift shop, long term storage, and short term storage (which just means less secure location because long term storage got full). Since I have already worn out my welcome at the thrift shop we will be having the big MOVING SALE! SS wanted to have an estate sale but I informed him I would have to kill him first because that is usually held after someone has died and the house is empty. So, if you are headed this way, there will be lots of bargains. Until then, pray that I don't do something to make this thing become a bonafide estate sale!

Morning View

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the mornings. If you look closely, you can see the back of the rocking chair and then a sweet meadow in the background (sorry for poor pic quality. Hard to take shot of open window, it looks like a lake out there but it is just a meadow). The empty pillow beside me means that hubby has already gotten up to make the coffee. Sweet!