Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally Moved In

I don't know why they call it moving in when we can't even move around in here. So, we finally got most of the stuff from Houston relocated to the farm house. This is the dining room still full of boxes to unpack. I have a new theory about moving now. When relocating to a much smaller space, just move the absolute, and I do mean absolute necessities first. Unpack everything and live there for a week. Then and only then, go back to the old house and pack up the rest of the items you just can't live without. For all others, store or donate to a worthy cause. I tried to make the decision about what to get rid of before actually moving in. Didn't work. Now, I have to unpack all of the boxes, look at everything, decide again what to keep and toss and then repack to send someplace else. Does this sound redundant at all to anyone but me? I still have a complete truck load at the old house, and really, besides my son's bed and maybe my desk, I don't even know what is still there that I really need. I think the decision to toss would come much easier if I had done it the other way. Anyway, that is a lot of words to say that basically I will be unpacking, sorting, crying, screaming, and then packing and delivering again before I can say that my work here is complete. By the way, who bought all this stuff and what the heck were they thinking anyway?? More updates later......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Many Boxes...

....does it take to pack up 28 years of living? A lot as you can see. Maybe 200 or more? And I pride myself on regular purging of stuff. Problem seems that the more I purge the more I replace or something like that. Anyway, I am wondering why I have so much stuff. How do you decide to not acquire things that you love? When we were early married and still in school it was because we just couldn't afford to buy stuff. But look at us now, we seemed to have progressed enough in our professions that we can buy most any stuff we want.... So, how do you stop wanting? I think one big answer is that you need to move more. That really puts all this into perspective for me. It is hard to decide what to keep, store or give away. What if I need something and have to re-buy it?? So anyway, that is my big concern right now along with, of course, who is going to pack the rest of this stuff and most importantly who is going to unpack it and where is it going to go? I have a strong feeling that by the time it is packed, loaded and unloaded I am going to be questioning if I really want it enough to unpack and find space. The big lesson here has been taught since Bible times. ...lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust do easily decay, instead build up treasures in heaven. I am asking God to show me what that means for me and my hobby of shopping and accumulating. I think maybe He has better things to occupy my time. The Spa Girls say that these days we tend to have so much stuff that our stuff has us! Do you know what I mean?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tom Sawyer Look-a-Like???

She does look like she is having fun doesn't she. This is Melissa hard at work on the living room primer job. We painted and sang old Christian songs at the top of our lungs, just that one day. The next day Melissa had to have some relaxation therapy for her pulled muscles in her back. I'm sure it was all the singing, not the painting and cleaning! Anyway, we got so much more done with the two extra hands. The house is almost ready for move day, just have a few things that need to be done, but they will have to wait until after the move. We are back home for the weekend to get everything packed up and ready for the movers on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Mess is a Place??

Ok, another shot of Spa Bear, and she is looking worried. The movers are bringing the furnishings in a few days and this place is still very messy. Not very 'spa like' that's for sure. Oh well, Spa Bear will go safely back into her box until the paint is put away and the sheet rock dust settles. What she doesn't know is that the furnishings and belongings of the new tenants here have not even been packed up yet, so there still a lot to do before this week is over!

Spa Bear Gets a New Room

This room is the new sewing room. It is the palest pink and will be a great place for Spa Bear aka Teddy Graham to reside. She loves anything pretty and pink and right now the walls and floor are very pretty and clean. The only problem is that the room is very small, so it will be a challenge to get all the craft and sewing stuff to fit in there and still leave room for Spa Bear to have a relaxing place in the farm house. We will post another picture after the movers bring the stuff!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dream Kitchen? Not!

This is my old/new kitchen. Hopefully by the time I move in (week after next) the floor will be
updated and the drop cloths will be gone. My son spent several hours scrubbing the cabinets clean. I don't know how they became so dirty, but it appears that they had been deep fried in grease. Anyway, he was determined and he did a great job. Anyone notice that the dishwasher is missing. I think this kitchen was built way before dishwashers. I am not willing to sacrifice space for a portable dishwasher so I guess we go back to hand washing. The floor is getting placed in today so I will follow later with an "after" picture.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the house where I and my family have happily lived for the last five years. Last October, we decided to sell this house and move to a rural area to begin a slower, simplier life. Yea, right!

We have begun an adventure that should take us a least through our son's high school graduation in about 3 more years. Our new home is located back in rural east Texas where I actually grew up and graduated from high school. We have had a small house there on about 20+ acres and we are going to relocate there with all the stuff from the big house. I have been telling my friends that we are downsizing and downgrading.... however, we couldn't be more excited. Even our 16 year old son is excited. We haven't moved yet and already one neighbor has invited him to ride his horse anytime he wants and the other neighbor has invited him to fish in his catfish pond anytime. He thinks he is actually moving to his "dream home". He may never want to grow up and leave! YIKES!
Anyway, please be reminded that this blog is really about my sewing and craft adventures, but as of right now I will be throwing in a lot of home improvement projects as well. I will be living in a virtual gold mine of DIY projects. So, keep checking back in for the progress on the move and the "fixin" up of the old homeplace. Check out the pics over on the side as well. See you soon!