Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Digs!

 Side/Front Yard
Back Yard
Living area

So, this is where we will start living as soon as paperwork is finished.  Which is supposed to be today at 3:00 pm by the way.
The pictures sorta make things look more stretched out.  It is a very modest townhouse/villa. We are thankful to be able to get it because of the great location. It is on a cul-de-sac, so no traffic, and the backyard faces a large lake area where we will enjoy walking our dog.  Notice there is no gate in back yard... I will have to walk down the road to gain access to walk area, but I'm pretty sure the son and hubs can step over the fence.  The locals here have been referring to the husband as Mr. Long, so that is how I will continue to address him on this blog!!  I thought that was funny.  Notice I didn't say they call me Mrs. Short, and they better not!!!  They usually call me Mrs. Steve..
Anyway, we are more than ready to move in.  Our air shipment is in country now so we can get it right away.  I have never looked so forward to seeing my oldest towels in all my life.  The rest of our things may take another couple of weeks to arrive.  That's ok.  I packed 2 lawn chairs,  2 plates, forks, cups, towels, pillows, etc so we can have enough stuff to camp out.   Sew ready to set up a home here!

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