Thursday, January 27, 2011

All in the Family

All but me that is. Of course, I am the one taking the picture. This was Christmas 2010 at Nanny's and that is Schotzie in Erin's lap. Her sidekick that travels with her everywhere. We had a great time celebrating Christmas and eating all the fun foods we allow ourselves on this special day. I had fun going all around and taking pictures. I think the youngest person there this year was 13, so not as much fun as when litte kids are present, but we had a good day and finished off with the girls going out to a movie. It was not so good...Hope we pick a better one next time!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet the New Addition to Our Famiy

This is Gracie and she came to live with us right before Thanksgiving 2010. Our dearly beloved, Josie, died in September 2010 and we were grief stricken. Actually we were shamelessly, hopelessly, saddened and decided the only way to recover was to find another similiar pet to hold in our empty arms. Our daughter, Erin, found us Gracie on the internet and picked her up for us. It was almost love at first sight. Actually, she loves everyone at first sight. She greets complete strangers, both men and women as her long, lost, friend. She is so sweet and fun to watch. When she finally gets tired, she actually lets us hold her in our arms, but most of the time she just wants to run and play. She just discovered her reflection in the nighttime window this week and it has been so funny to watch her reactions. At first she barked at the other "doggy in the window", then when she realized the doggy wasn't afraid of her and wasn't going anywhere, she began to play. I keep trying to show her that it is just her in the window, but she just doesn't get it. Oh well, I will let her enjoy her new friend while she can. She will face reality soon enough!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Year's Last Project




Tada! I started and finished this in two days, the first week in January actually, so technically this is this year's project. But as you can see from the "way before" picture, it has been in my garage for awhile. We were so blessed to get a great love seat from a friend for Erin's new apartment in Galveston. It has a small living area so we were looking for a love seat and happen to see an offer on face book for one that was just perfect for her. In great shape and very comfortable. Of course, not in her preferred colors so she asked me to slip-cover for her. Not my favorite task, but you'll do anything for your kids, right?
Anyway, I think it turned out great and it looks good in her new location. She is going with a beach theme since she will be living a couple of blocks from the seawall. She actually clocked it and can walk there in 4 minutes. Oh my, the life of a student. I don't quite remember my student days as quite so fun, but maybe I have forgotten?? It was fun moving her in and fixing up my space where I will stay when I go to visit. Yes, I have my own room with a very comfortable bed, so my "student get-a-way" is just waiting for me. I think I will wait until it gets a little bit warmer before I crash her pad, but I am sew looking forward to it!

It Pays to Be Flexible

And sometimes it hurts just a little. I have been very negligent in posting to my blog over the winter months, so I am starting fresh today! I will go about my days looking for new blog material to be able to share with the world of blog readers. I don't get out much these days so it will require much creativity to be able to come up with interesting topics, but I will commit to giving it a good effort. Sew, check back soon and look for new posts!