Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Before and Afters..



Hello to all my faithful readers.. aka (mom). I know I haven't posted in a month, but I have been busy getting new material to post about! First off, the top pictures show a few items I picked up at the Second Blessings boutique in Huntington. I think I paid less than $5.00 for the whole lot. There is a lamp base, missing the shade, a tarnished and scratched up silver tray, a pot lid and a picture frame. Oh yeah, the top picture is a wall decor item that I wanted to redo with a martial arts theme.
I used the pot lid and lamp base to make a bird bath for my back yard. The birds don't use it yet, but I enjoy looking at it as it sits right next to the bird feeder. I turned the old silver tray into a message board. I used blackboard paint for the center, and some white and black paint for the border to create an antique look. Since the tray is metal, it also can be used with magnets. Hence, I created a magnetic chalk holder from an old pill bottle and used a magnet to attach to the tray. This little cutie hangs outside by my back door, which is really the only door we use. Of course, I had to march all the family members out there and point it out so they would know where to look for my messages. It had been hanging out there for 2 weeks before my husband saw it! And then only when I showed it too him. ( I wonder when he's going to notice the new car parked out there..:)?
And finally, the wall decor painted picture. I painted over the words and added some silhouettes that I found on the internet to create a martial arts themed print for the bathroom where I take my taekwondo classes. It turned out pretty good and gives me inspiration to maybe do a few of my pets or other interest.
While working on all of these, the garden was getting ready to harvest, so I will be posting about that next. Sew, sew long for now and please come back sew soon!